ICST’s History

The Innovative College of Science & Technology came into existence through the intense desire its founder, Mr. Anthony L. Yap. He wishes to help give the people of Mindoro province and its neighbors a chance at a better future. He also believes that a progressive future is anchored on quality and relevant education.

ICST was finally established in Bongabong; for the said town is in the middle of its neighboring towns; Pola, Socorro, Pinamalayan, Gloria and Bansud from the north and Roxas, Mansalay, and Bulalacao in the south. Thus, the college now caters to the municipalities from Pola to Bulalacao and their neighbor island of Romblon.

The pioneers of this college were: Mr. Anthony L. Yap, President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees; Dr. Eleanor E. Elauria, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Instruction; Mr. Jose Jeannis M. Mabunga, Vice President for Administration and Registrar; Mr. Pedro O. Cheng, School Treasurer; Mr. Paulexander A. Elauria, Building Superintendent; Ms. Rhodellen M. Yuzon and Ms. Mary May M. Padilla, Clerks.

The college started operating First Semester of Collegiate year 2004-2005 with a little less than four hundred (400) first year students.

The first courses offered included BSBA, BSCrim, BEEd, BSEd Majors in English and Mathematics, BSHM, BSIT, BS in Civil Engineering and Technical-Vocational courses such as Computer Technician, Bookkeeping and Automotive Courses.

In 2005, the Nursery and Kindergarten were opened to serve as laboratory for the student teachers. However, they did not serve the purpose well because of the low enrolment previously. The administration decided to send the Education OJT student teachers to the schools outside ICST, even while departments continued to grow.

The present Administration is composed of the President of the Board of Trustees and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Anthony L. Yap, the Board of Trustees Mrs. Betty Y. Aspirin, Mrs. Belen L. Yap, Mrs. Elizabeth L. Yap and Mr. Nelson Chua.

The course Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Technical-Vocational courses such as Computer Technician, Bookkeeping and Automotive Courses were phased out by the administration’s discretion in 2007 due to the low enrolment.

The First Batch of graduates, the class of 2008, has finally earned their respected degrees. The ICST Alumni Association was established.

The school has started giving 50-100 percent discounts on tuition fees for incoming students.

The ICST student population experienced a boom this school year 2008-2009 - from under five hundred (500) to over a thousand (1,000) students.

The High School Department established in 2012, has served as a laboratory for student teachers, until it expanded to include the junior and senior high schools.

In the year 2016, Senior High School department has begun accepting students. Supervised by its Principal, Mr. Vivencio B. Cusi and his Faculty. To accommodate the Grade 11 and 12 students, two (2) buildings have been constructed with a total number of eight (8) rooms, one of which is the Senior High School Faculty Room.

As of School Year 2017-2018, ICST has a total student population of 2198; 23 in Nursery and Kindergarten, 105 in Elementary, 119 in Junior High School, 463 in Senior High School, 1430 in College.

Now in the year 2018, after 14 years of operation, the prospect of meeting other needs of this population is brilliant, with the construction in progress an enormous and spacious gymnasium.

The following year, 2019, the ICST Family celebrated a meaningful 15th Anniversary of the School’s Foundation.

BSEd now offers 5 Majors respectively Filipino, English, Science, Mathematics and Social Studies since 2020.

The Board of Trustees, the Administrative and Support Staff as well as the Faculty have reaffirmed their commitment to play their vital role in producing globally competitive, productive, and tough professionals in support to the nations’ economic and social development goals.